Michael Flaksman, a professor at the Academy in Mannheim


“With a passion in their hearts, a vibrational beat of musicality that resonate with each cell in your body and love for art in the eyes”…

“Hilaris” means Joy in Latin, though Hilaris Orchestra is to bring joy through chamber orchestra ravishing performances. The goal and vision of the Hilaris Orchestra is to bring the best classical music to the broader public, create musical compositions, interpret musical works according to the author’s original ideas and make people value the music as experience of human life. We have got a pallet of composers: from J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven, and G. Mahler to D. Shostakovich. We choose any colour of that musical pallet. Our responsibility is to share this gift with people in its most genuine form. Members of Hilaris Orchestra are leading Slovak, Czech and Austrian soloists and its artistic director is a foremost Slovak violinist Alan Vizváry. Hilaris has already collaborated with leading musicians such as cellists

  • Jelena Ocic (Croatia), Michael
  • Flaksman (USA), violinist Dejan
  • Bogdanovich (Italy), violist
  • Sergey Rakitchenkov (USA), pianists
  • Viktor Bogino (France), Svetlana
  • Bogino, Vladimir Ogarkov (Russia),
  • Miroslav Dvorský (Slovakia),
  • Lukáš Polák (Czech Republic), etc.

Since 2014 the Hilaris Orchestra has established a continuous cooperation with the Choir of AGAPE (led by Blanka Juhaňáková) and whose members are the best singers from the Slovak Philharmonic Choir. The Hilaris Orchestra repertoire includes works of composers from Baroque times to contemporary musical pieces.


(Elena Denisova, a violinist and soloist, Russia, Austria)

The experience to play with Hilaris Orchestra was certainly an unforgettable one.  Wonderful and enthusiastic musicians, the members of

Hilaris Orchestra became an absolute inspiration for the most beautiful part of our profession – the music making.“

The interaction between the soloist and musicians in the Hilaris Orchestra is a very intimate moment at any performance, where we all have to come to the same wavelength and create magic and lift emotions together as one musical body. All that is possible with the Hilaris Orchestra!“ – Jelena Ocic, a cellist, prof. at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Holland) and Musik Hochschule Mannheim (Germany)

“I had the pleasure and privilege to concertize with the Hilaris Orchestra at the Gosau  Festival. I must say that this chamber orchestra is one of the most outstanding and  enthusiastic ensembles that I know in Europe.

Hilaris Orchestra plays with true love for the music and remarkable virtuosity.

It was a delight to work with this ensemble and I hope that its excellence will be broadly recognized and supported generously especially in its home country of Slovakia.” – Michael Flaksman, a prof. at the Musik Hochschule in Mannheim

“Hilaris Chamber Orchestra has a wonderful future and a great potential to become one of  the best if not the best chamber orchestras of Slovakia.” – Federico Ballarín, a Spanish orchestra manager

Alan Vizváry, the artistic director of Hilaris Chamber Orchestra: References

“Alan Vizváry is a great leader who is capable to bring a ravishing beauty and musical experience of the technically sophisticated concept of Hilaris Chamber Orchestra.” Bohdan Warchal Junior

“Alan Vizváry is a very talented and temperamental violinist who has very good natural musical abilities.” Gerhardt Hetzel, a former concertmaster of the Wiener Philharmoniker

Alan Vizváry has an exceptional talent and selfdiscipline. His talent and hard work are embellished by perfect achievements of a high level of musicality and spectacular soloist performances.”Franz Samohyl, a violin professor at the Wienna University, a founder of Alban Berg Quartet

“Alan Vizváry is a great artistic personality with a rich experience. At rehearsal  and concerts he is a great inspiration and support for me.” Ľubica Rybárska, a sopranistka and winner of the Pavarotti Competition

“I´m glad to write some words about Alan Vizváry, a young an unusual violinist  and concertmaster. Alan Vizváry is one of the most important violinist and concertmasters of his generation. I have been listening to his performances in Bratislava some time ago. I could definetly appreciate and indulge in all of his concerts and records depicting great artistically techniques, beautiful sound interpretations and his extraordinary capability to make each staging musician perform to utmost of his or her best. Not every concertmaster can make it reality. Alan does it simply perfect. Alan manages to make the orchestra perform as a single homogeneous sound of perfect musical vibrations. The orchestra works like a pendulum – it´s wonderful! I have been listening to the latest concerts conducted by him, just closing the eyes and imaging a real conductor manages the musicians instead of the concertmaster. Alan Vizvarý could very easily make it real, however the result will be the same: Awesome! However I hope that he will prefer to conduct orchestra from the position of the concertmaster. I have no doubt that the name of Alan Vizváry will be well known and enjoy numerous followers in the future. We must follow him!” Federico Ballarín, an orchestra manager, Spain